Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Research Paper for the Career of a Lawyer Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

For the Career of a Lawyer - Research Paper Example ated that the challenges associated with the duties of Lawyers as well as the associated rewards have attracted a large number of people with a desire to facilitate community development through interpretation of laws to various members of the society. In addition, Lawyers may perform their duties outside the court system, but in most cases they work within the court systems defending the rights of their clients. Over a long period of time, I have always had a desire to change people’s lives and make them important parts of the society. The position of a Lawyer provides an important opportunity for people with this interest to work with different people within the society that are faced with challenges of criminal activities to facilitate the formulation of solutions to their challenges. Moreover, I have a passion in working in with different people in order to learn and understand their perceptions regarding the challenges that may compel them to undertake criminal acts. In addition, I would like apply my skills in counseling and mentoring to make important decisions that would change the lives society members that are faced with engagement in criminal acts. Consequently, this position has been associated with a lot of benefits in relation to remuneration and allowances provided to Lawyers; owing to the fact that I would like to lead a better life, I believe that this position shall provide me with the appropriate opportunity to access the benefits associated with it i.e. a platform to advance my career. The benefits of a Lawyer vary from one country to another and also depend on whether a person works as a private lawyer or under a law firm; however in most cases, they are usually provided with an average salary of 48,000 – 58,000 US dollars on an annual basis (Holman 2013). However, this range of salary is usually provided within the Justice System of developed nations and varies from one country to another. Moreover, the differences on the range of

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